Mushroom Key Benefits

The Key Benefits of Mushrooms (Mycelium) are:

Mushroom Type Key Benefits
Lions Maine Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Depression, Immune Support, Anti-Cancer Properties, Anti-Inflammatory, Fights Dementia, Aids nerve damage repair, Neurodegenerative Prevention
Turkey Tail Immune Support, Gut Health Support, Anti-Viral, Anti-Oxidant Rich, Anti-Cancer Properties
Reishi Immune Support, Stress Relief, Sleep Quality, Fatigue Reduction, Stimulates Neurodegenerative Prevention
Cordyceps Kidney Health, Respiratory Health, Liver Health, Endrance
King Trumpet Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Anti-Viral, Lower Cholesterol, Bone Health
Shiitake Cardio-Vascular Health, Anti-Inflammatory, Improve Energy Levels, Anti- Cancer
Maitake Immune Support, Stress Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, Vitamin D, Anti- Cancer Properties
Oyster Immune Support, Anti-Inflammatory, Cholesterol Regulation, Blood Pressure Regulation,, Anti-Cancer Properties, Neurodegenerative Prevention