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Our Mission Statement

Sustainable, Green Powered Farming Re-Imagined!!


Maine Agriculture Association is a year-round, 24/7, indoor Agriculture Hub located in the heart of Aroostook County on the Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring. Our mission is to expand, enhance and build upon the rich farming traditions and history of Northern Maine offering year round, sustainable farming on the Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring: www.Green4Maine.com


Sourcing only the highest quality local materials, raw products and commodities exclusively from Aroostook County, Maine Agricultural Association will produce only the highest quality super-foods. Combining local home-grown resources and leveraging new sustainable technologies, we are committed to delivering only the highest quality superfoods to our Maine Communities, New England and beyond!!


We are proud to be one of the anchor businesses driving new economic development on the Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring. Our 100% Northern Maine sourced fully Sustainable Life Cycle Farming will be powered by Green Energy initiatives transforming the Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring into a Major Renewable Energy producing hub.


As one of the Cornerstone Major Economic Foundational Growth Pillars of the Green 4 Maine’s Indoor Agricultural Hub, Maine Agriculture Association will also be expanding with farming collective and collaborative opportunities with our Maine Farming brethren throughout all of Northern Maine Potato Country. All of the Maine Agricultural Association’s farming materials will be 100% locally sourced while leveraging new technologies to create the highest quality, most nutrient dense, Super-Foods.


Maine Agricultural Association aspires to be the exclusive supplier of Specialty Gourmet Mushrooms for all of Hannaford Supermarkets in Maine and New England.

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